Construction 2000 - 2001

Property Damages

August 10, 2000 - Water damage to 1st floor bathroom ceiling from dripping pipe.
September 11-12, 2000 - Radiator water pipe exploded damaging personal property in basement.
September 27, 2000 - Basement sinks filled with debris. Would not drain.
October 2, 2000 - Flapper on 2nd floor toilet leaked causing water damage to first floor bathroom ceiling, east & south walls, floors and basement joyces and trusses. Water damage in basement to personal items.
October 10 - 13, 2000 - Damage to dining room and living room ceilings from work on second floor.
October 15, 2000 - Water through dining room ceiling and onto carpet in 3 areas. Water in back porch ceiling and walls.
November 14 –15 – Roof went up. On the 14th a chalk line fell of the south side of the house and hit Paulene Hubbard on the head. 
November 17, 2000 – Water EVERYWHERE on 1st, 2nd & 3rd floors. More water damage to back porch area & dining room. Back porch ceiling and walls. Dining room ceiling, carpet and interior wall (drywall, insulation, wallpaper, baseboard, paint). Puddles at the bottom of the 1st-2nd floor stairs that soaked the drywall, floor and through to the carpet on the otherside of the wall in the office. Puddles in the 2nd & 3rd bedrooms on the 2nd floor.
November 22, 2000 – Pipe burst above bathroom between 1st and 2nd floors over 1st floor bathroom. Water flowing from light fixture like a water fall. Water damage to plywood, floor, east wall, vanity, trim, floor tile, wall tile, paint, wall paper, floor joists, floor boards, basement supports and re-wet some personal property.
Construction 2000 - 2001
Construction 2000 - 2001 - Personal Property Damage
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