April 2000


  Happy Easter!
I went on my first airplane ride to Arizona to meet my Great-Grandpa Andrews.
I sat up for the first time at the Martorano's house while playing with Joey. I can roll over on my tummy. I went to Grandma & Grandpa Allotta's house in Wisconsin for my first Easter. On Easter morning mommy found my first tooth. Six days later (Saturday) she found my second tooth!

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I've learned to check my own e-mail. You can write to me at shannon atandrewsfamily.net
  Mommy tells me not to, but I let Winston sneak kisses anyway.
My first airplane ride!  
This is my first (and probably my last) cookie.  
Daddy had really good (tasting) cards. Grandma's cards on the other hand were not so good.
  Tastes as good as a neck bone.
  Easter was more like a second Christmas!
I participated in my first Easter egg fight. Grandma and Auntie dressed me up in this silly get-up.
My friend Stacy, the bunnies and I were working on our Supreme's act. No one had to encourage Daddy to look silly.
Everyone was tired of playing with soggy cards, so I got a set of my very own.  
You want me to wear this dress for how long?  
Someone had to help Grandpa open his birthday presents!  
Joe thinks my fingers taste better than his. Road trip!
May 2000