July 2000


  Happy 4th of July!
I went to the lake and celebrated at the "3rd annual 4th of July Spaghetti Barbecue". I watched everyone have a water fight and saw my first fireworks (and didn't even cry). Before we went home I got to see my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Ed's house put together. My Aunt Courtney came to see me and we had lots of fun together. Daddy & Mommy took me to the zoo and swimming at Grandma & Grandpa's house a lot.


  Let the water fight begin!
Dream with your eyes open  
Just one of the girls!  
My first bath in the big tub!  
I just peed, let's swim over here.  
I tell ya... it's a rough life.
There was quite an audience to see Uncle Ed & Aunt Shirley's house... Ed & Shirley's Green Lake House
  You want to know what I think?
He does something goofy... ...they expect me to do it too!
  I'll e-mail ya!
Writing my first concerto Cheerio's would taste better if I could stop them from sticking to my face.
A finger holder! Fa git 'bout it!
The fishy's gonna get me. I'm gonna get that fishy!
Mmmm, frog legs.  
I am the Queen! Let me help you with that.
I told ya, sit still for the picture! I'm ready for my close-up.
" Tonight there's going to be a jail break... "  
  My friend Max was giving me a hug to help me feel better
  What a beautiful baby!
August 2000