October 2000


  I'm 1 year old! I had a wonderful Birthday! Lots of friends and family came to my birthday party to help me celebrate. It was a costume party and I was the princess.

This month I also went to my Uncle Joe and Aunt Erin's wedding. I sat in the back of the church and said Hello to everyone who came in late. I went with my Daddy to help him accept an award from the Superintendent. We went to the lake to celebrate Daddy's 30th birthday and I got to play with my girlfriend Jenna. When we came home we celebrated Daddy's birthday again with Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie. We went to the annual Hockey game for mine and Daddy's birthdays. This time they put my face on the Jumbotron. I went to Joey's 1st Birthday party and met all the Teletubbies!

For Halloween I was Tigger the Tiger. I went trick or treating all over the place and had lots of fun.


Uncle Joe and Auntie Erin had a beautiful wedding... Even though I talked through the whole thing!  
I'm so proud of my Daddy!  
A day in the life...  
  I help Daddy...I help.
Our annual Birthday game Teletubbies for Joey's 1st Birthday!
A dollar, a rosary, a shotglass...guess what he picked? Happy 1st Birthday Joey!
My 1st Birthday Party!  
Don't be fooled  
  My real 1st Birthday!
Happy Halloween!  
Max got some good stuff in his goodie bag  
How cute are we?  
I said have a Happy Halloween and I wasn't kidding.
November 2000