December 2000


  I have been very busy getting into trouble. I crawl everywhere, I climb up stairs and I took my first step December 10th. I stood up took one step and fell right on my butt. Now I climb the stairs in the blink of an eye. I talk, talk, talk. Mostly I ask "What's this?" and "What's that?" I had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year's Eve!


Do you know how much airtime costs?  
  I helped Papa put the tree up...
...and Mommy and I helped Grandma decorate the tree. One step...
Two steps... ...More!
  I help Grandma clean for Christmas Eve.
  I opened my first Christmas present all by myself
Since I can't be with Winston right now I have a substitute.  
How cute... I?
  Wishing Daddy a Happy New Year at midnight
Happy New Year!!!
January 2001