October 2001


  Happy Fall! I was sad to see summer go, but we are finally back in our house and slowly getting ourselves situated. Mommy  and the baby have had a few problems so she has been on bed rest. I've been trying not to drive her crazy since she has been home. Nana and Papa moved to Wisconsin. I miss them very much. Daddy had his birthday and we went to see the Blackhawk's game. I had a great time. I turned two years old and got all sorts of wonderful presents. I have a new dolly named Sara. I'm practicing getting ready to be the big sister! On Halloween I went Trick or Treating with Mommy and Daddy and Nana took me by Grandma Holda's house.


Just helping the moving in process Dress-up at play class at the park
My best friend Winston Joe's 2nd birthday party!
Happy Birthday Daddy! Happy Birthday to Me!
My new baby Sara
Stop with the pictures and lets go!
November 2001