January 2002

Happy New Year!!!

It's was a good New Year's party. Daddy was home with us this year! We took Jimmy up by Nana and Papa's house. I got to play in the snow! Jimmy got his first tooth the week before his 2 month birthday!


Happy New Year!
Mommy reads to Jimmy and I every night!
My first bath
Shannon helps Jimmy play with his new toy.
Look at these cheeks!
We're loving eachother!
I painting... forget the brush!
Quality time
Look how good I am! Hey, where'd it go?
I'm ready for the snow!!! Even though I couldn't see through all the clothes, Uncle Bruce took me for a ride.
Then I went sledding. Hooray!
This is what a little brother looks like.
All dressed up... ...just to watch them lose.
Quality time... ...with Daddy.
You're so funny!
February 2002