March 2002

Happy Easter!

I made my first snow man with Daddy and Mommy helped me decorate it. I got to color Easter Eggs for the first time too! There was more dye on my hands than on the eggs, but I had fun. We went by Nana and papa for Easter with Auntie Robin and John. I had 2 Easter egg hunts. It was a lot of fun.


There has got to be something good on sale
9:00 am - Quality time
Daddy built me a snow man... ...Eden supervised
All this snowman making is hard work
Shannon the future city worker Ta-Da - my first snowman
Using the time honored family tradition of distracting with M&M's while giving a haircut Love Me!
Winston, I will play you beautiful music
Police/Fire hockey game. We won!
My first time coloring Easter Eggs. Out of 18 I left one not cracked.
Three pictures worth a thousand words
My first Easter egg hunt
For me?
Come on guys, keep up will ya?
Step up to the bar
It's one way to celebrate Easter
April 2002