May 2002

We've had a very busy month. It was Mother's Day and Mommy's birthday. We went to the park and the museum.  Jimmy was baptized and we had a big party!!!

Jimmy got his first real tooth on the bottom, he flipped on his tummy for the first time and he started eating big boy foods! Carrots... yum!


No Daddy, you do it like this! Opps! Not like this.
You talkin' to me?
I want a large pizza, extra cheese. You should be naked!!!
Mmm...Mommy's cake is good. Happy Birthday friend Mommy!
Does this plane go to Nana & Papa's house?
Come on guys, let's go!
Auntie Carolyn was nice enough to take the big picture, so she got her very own.
I am very good at this dancing thing.
I won't eat hot dogs, but bring on the ribs!
My new friend Danielle...
...and her sister Alyssa.
Jimmy, you make beautiful music.
June 2002