August 2002

Well summer is coming to an end. Mommy went back to work. Now Daddy and his broken hand are home with us. We went to Papa and Nana's house a lot this month. Aunt Sally and cousin Meghan came through town so we went to see them. Auntie Courtney came to visit and we went to Santa's Village and the Renaissance Faire where I got to ride on an ELEPHANT!!!

We also went to Irish Fest in Milwaukee and went to visit cousins Sam and Rose. We had a great time!



Auntie Courtney came to visit us.
Love me... me.
I love my auntie.
Luckily neither of us got sick.
I drove the car like a big girl Jimmy drove too!
Look at me!
Look at me NOW!!!
Papa tricked me into this picture.
Jimmy had duck for lunch. Naked Barbie in the window.
You'll never see this again so we had to take a picture. Nana plays a mean game of peek-a-boo.
Get out of the way!!!
Daddy and I went exploring.
September 2002