November 2002

Happy Thanksgiving!

We went to Joey's birthday party. Jimmy celebrated his 1st Birthday and we had a big party! We went to Nana and Papa's house for Turkey Day and were there for Jimmy's real Birthday. We saw a Christmas Parade and went Deer Camping!



Happy Birthday Joey!
I'll show you who can walk!
My buddy Deiter!
Jimmy to Space, come in Space. Wow, a party for shouldn't have.
Happy Birthday Dear Jimmy!
Mmmm.... ...cake!
There's nothing you can say about this picture.
Happy Turkey Day!
My friend Alan came to visit! Presents...for Me?!?
Thank goodness my sister is here to help!
A Christmas Parade!
Happy 1st Birthday Jimmy!
Yo...Beer guy! We went Deer Camping!
Come on 7...Oh, wait, wrong game!
December 2002