February 2003

Happy Valentine's Day!

Everyone came to Shannon's school for the big Valentine's Day party. Even Papa came to the party. We went to the lake for Winter Fest and got to play in the snow and see all our friends. Our friend Sunshine came to visit us and we played Trivial Pursuit, boys against the girls. Girls won!!! Of course.



In boy mode with the remote.
How do you like me now?
Shannon's Valentine's Day party at school!
Winter Fest 2003!
Basically it is just the 4th of July party in the snow.
Mary Grace came to Winter Fest too!
Practice makes perfect
Shannon's first crack at photography...she took a pretty nice picture!
Sunshine came to visit!!! And her Mommy Sarah too (another photo by Shannon)
Jimmy and Jeff were dancing fools... ...or dancing foolishly - same difference
Look out Hugh!
Quality sack time with Deiter
March 2003