May 2003

Shannon had a Mommy's Day Tea at school. We sang songs and danced and played games and had a great time! Shannon also had her school's graduation presentation this month. We went to the Art Institute and saw lots or great art. We hung out in the backyard a lot and had lots of friends over.


Mother's Day presentation
Party Time!
Guess who's kids... ...we are.
Watch me pick his nose Shannon didn't think Picasso drew people well.
When Mommy explained how Seurat created this picture with many small dots, Shannon exclaimed "That's not how you paint!" Shannon like this painting best. She had a whole narrative about how Dali was explaining that the figure in the background broke the main figure's heart.
Jimmy was just happy to have somewhere to crawl around
Cake for Mommy's birthday Yum!
Shannon's school said goodbye to their graduates.
Jimmy found a new toy.
Quality time.
Do not disturb!
June 2003