July 2003

We had a busy month! We went to the Lake for the big 4th of July party and had a great time! Auntie Courtney came to visit. It was great to see her! We went to the Lalley's and played with lots of friends. We went to the Wisconsin Dells and went on the water slides. We went to the Circus, went on the Ducks and went golfing. Then we spent the day on Papa & Nana's new boat! We also got FISHIES!


Jimmy loved the boat!
The Grand Opening of the... ... Cafe!
Here's trouble!
The gang's all here!
We love Auntie Courtney!
Waiting for tea.
Cousin Stacey came to visit all the way from California!
Visiting at the Lalley's
We went to the Kids Circus...
...and the real Circus.
A picture's worth a thousand works.
We got 2 goldfish, Sara & Oscar. Oscar lasted a day and a half with us. RIP Oscar.
August 2003