October 2003

Happy Birthday Shannon!
Happy Birthday Daddy!
Happy Halloween!

Grandma Andrews and Aunt Courtney came to visit us this month! We had so much fun! We went apple picking in a real apple orchard! It was great! Daddy got a new motorcycle. She sure is pretty!

We had a party for Daddy and for Shannon! Shannon had a birthday party at school. They also had Olympics this month and a Halloween Party. Shannon was a ballerina and Jimmy was a boxer for Halloween.


Look out Sid...
...I got a horse!
Hmmm. Where did that cheesy smile come from?
I'm going to throw it!
Well, on second thought. Jimmy picking his first apple.
Really...do they get any cuter than this?
Shannon loved that you could eat apples right off the trees.
The new love of Daddy's life.
Shannon the Artist!
The 1st Olympics at school!
Happy Birthday Daddy!!!
We worked really hard and make Daddy 2 cakes... ...because he's so special.
Time to carve the pumpkins!
Don't they look great?
We went to Joey's birthday party! The beautiful Mary Grace
Jimmy finally got the hang of this... ...and did it all afternoon.
Happy Birthday Joe!
Uncle Joe and Uncle Alan had a balloon fight with us.
Happy Birthday from Auntie Carolyn!
They had a birthday party for Shannon at school. Shannon got to wear the crown and all her friends sang Happy Birthday!
Jimmy got to sit with the big kids!
Happy 4th Birthday Shannon the ballerina!!!
There was a big Halloween party at school on Shannon's Birthday!
Shannon got some cool presents from her brother.
Big man on the big bike.
Always remember to wear your pink fuzzy slippers on a motorcycle and your helmet.
Nana came to visit on my birthday!
Happy Birthday to Shannon!
Happy Halloween!!! Trick or Treating by Grandma.
We went to Mommy's school and saw a cool clown and Clifford (aka the asst. principal and principal) Watching the Clown ride his unicycle with Shalan.
She's a very nice witch...really.
Karleen came by the school too.
Jeff really threw all of us for a loop with his anti-Jeff costume.
Before... ...After
Coleman & Brendan came by the school to Trick or Treat too!
Payton had a Halloween Party!
Payton the Pirate Brendan the Quarter-back
Henrick the Line-backer Ned the Moo-Cow
Katie did a Wiggle Worms session for us!
It was great fun!
Luke the Bear
Sunshine the Devil Allie the Fairy
We tried getting a group picture... ...that was a joke.
Katie added all of our pictures to her guitar.
Trick or Treat!
Lauren Stephanie! Isn't she beautiful!
November 2003