April 2004

Happy Easter!

WOW! What a busy month. I'm tired from just looking at the pictures. We took our first train ride because Jimmy loves trains so much. Then we had all of our Easter festivities. We went to North Carolina and got to hang out with Auntie Sally, Uncle Emil & Emilee. We got to visit with all of our friends down there. Baby Lauren was baptized this month and Daddy is her God-Father. That means Jimmy and I have a God-Sister! We went to the water park slides and had a GREAT time! 


It's hard to be pretty in pink shoes. On our train ride we found a train store.
How pretty!
It became much more of a mess than we thought it would.
Yeah... ...goodies!
Easter at Grandma's!
Naked butts!
Jimmy's first airplane ride. Pretty horsies. 
Shannon help Auntie brush Strawberry...
...then she got to feed her...
...then she got to ride her!
We got to see Ron and Regina...
Then the Charlie & MaryAnn had a great party and invited lots of friends!
Ever the entomologist," Uncle Pickle" was helping Jimmy with his caterpillar...
...and Shannon find some bugs too!
Nothing like fun in the hot tub!
Daddy bought Jimmy a great train!
Baby-sitting at Mommy's school
Baby Lauren's baptism! Isn't she gorgeous!
May 2004