September 2004

Happy Labor Day! We went to the big festival in our town and had a great time. We had a great time at Nana & Papa's for Labor Day. Shannon started school at her new big school. We had a great surprise when Mickey Mouse & the Olympic Swimmers Michael Phelps, Ian Crocker and Lenny Krayzelburg came to mommy's school to visit! It was really cool!


Bubba the new doggy We had a great time at our town festival.
We even had a horse & carriage take us by our house.
Jimmy FINALLY drove the car!
Make your own sandbox and put it in your pull-up. Shannon's first day at BIG SCHOOL!
She wanted to walk to the door by herself.
Jimmy showed his strength at MisFest.
The Disney bus brought us some cool guests.
Mickey Mouse!
Ian Crocker! Lenny Krayzelburg!
And Michael Phelps!
They answered questions...
...then swam with some local elementary school kids...
...and then had a medley race with members of our swim team!
Team Phelps won the race, go figure.
Everyone had a GREAT time!
Jimmy decided to make himself a glass of milk... ...Shannon thought it was a good idea.
Harvest Fest!
Every third thing in the parade scared Jimmy
He was fine once they passed out candy.
His sister decide he was a good plaything that day.
Mrs. Nesbit
October 2004