December 2004

Merry Christmas!
Daddy rode in Toys for Tots. We went to Winterfest and had a GREAT time! We celebrated Grandma's 80th birthday and Sunshine's birthday and had a great New Year's Eve!



27th Annual Toys for Tots
Motorcycle Run
Daddy & Uncle Mike  
Mommy's helpers decorating the tree  
We are trying to take a picture for our Christmas card...  
  ...Jimmy was not cooperating.
Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!  
Winter Wonderland!  
Yeah Daddy!  
"...And that's the truth. "  
Sunshine's 2nd Birthday! Playing with Oscar
Baby Lily  
  Happy Birthday Sunshine!!!
  Poor Patrick...he was a very patient
with Shannon.
  "I'm the man!"
  Throwing Reindeer dust on the lawn to show Santa where we live.
Merry Christmas!!!  
Lazy winter days at the lake.  
  Standing on the lake!
It's only in winter you can get a picture from this angle.  
Happy New Year (10:00 version)  
Happy New Year (11:00 version)  
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