March 2005

Happy Easter!

We went to Disney World. The night before we left Jimmy banged up his arm and had to go to the hospital. They gave him a splint that he had to wear for the next few days. Even with Jimmy's arm we had a GREAT time in Disney. Grandma Shirley met us there. She even had her 29th birthday in Disney World! We went to the lake for Easter and celebrated by Nana and Papa's house.


  Poor Baby!
Happy Birthday Grandma!  
We had breakfast with our friends from the 100 Acre Wood. Silly Tigger, using Shannon's head as a table.
We met Goofy. The Jungle Cruise...
We met Jessie and Woody... ...and Ariel. Shannon loves Ariel.
Check out Mickey's house.  
It's the Ant from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.  
  Animal Kingdom
We met Flick and Talia  
Give you one guess where we went.. We met Jafar and Genie
Jimmy got a Nemo fish to make him feel better. We saw Cinderellabrasia and the princesses...
...Snow White ...Sleeping Beauty...
...Jasmine... ...and Belle.
  We finally met Minnie...
...and Pluto. We had a great time!
We went to the lake for Easter.  
  We left the Easter Bunny a note tell him we would be at the lake house and can you believe it...he actually found us!
We had Easter brunch by Nana and Papa's house.  
These silly fishermen. Some are still ice fishing, some are fish right in the hole that has thawed in the middle of the lake.  
April 2005