July 2005

Happy 4th of July!

We had lost of fun at Deer Camp and at the 4th of July Barbeque. We took a vacation at the Lake and Auntie Courtney came to visit.


Auntie Linda is teaching us Bocce Ball.  
  4th of July BBQ
  We want CANDY!!!
  The balloon toss.
  The cooler crib
  They have one big sand box.
The trophy for the winner of the horseshoe game.  
  Shannon the fish!
Fireworks on the lake!  
Trying on each others clothes  
Water balloon toss!  
  Happy Dog!
  The kids first night camping
  Jimmy the photographer
  My Auntie Courtney
  Jimmy the photographer again
The Joyce's came to visit us at the lake.  
Daddy and Shannon made a cake... ...for no particular reason.
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