August 2006

We went on vacation out west to South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado this month. We had such a wonderful time!!! There are MANY pictures which may take a couple minutes to load.


The Famous Corn Palace
846 miles to Wall Drug
Custer State Park, SD
The Park has wild Burrows who love people...
...especially Daddy
Traffic was worse than on the Dan Ryan with all of these Buffalo on the road.
Stockade Lake
Jimmy LOVED the steam engine train.
A deserted mining town
Cathedral Spires, Custer State Park, SD
The first cave we visited was Wind Cave
Writing in the cave for Aug 1782
Becoming Junior Rangers at Wind Cave They are on the
National Park Service Website
Mount Moriah Cemetery
Saloon No. 10
Wild Bill's 1st grave marker Potato Creek Johnny
The kids became Deputy Marshalls of Deadwood
Because we had a hot tub at the house the kids believed it was their God given right to be in it every evening.
Badlands National Park

Becoming Jr. Rangers at Badlands NP
We took a helicopter ride over the Crazy Horse Monument
Mountain goats near Mt. Rushmore.
Shannon can tell you exactly who is on
Mt. Rushmore.
Jimmy's version of who is on
"Rush Mountmore": "My buddy, George Washington; Thomas Jeffinson; Uncle Teddy Oosebelt and Ham Lincoln.
Becoming Jr. Rangers at Mt. Rushmore
Swimming at Stockade Lake
Gordon Stockade
A custom bike being raffle off at
Crazy Horse...that Daddy didn't win. :(
Jewel Cave
Shannon got to hold the ranger's flashlight and lead the tour.
Jr. Ranger oath at Jewel Cave
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2006
The Buffalo Bike Shannon and Jimmy got to work a booth.
The Road Kill Cafe...ymmmm.
Shannon asked for this bike for her birthday.
He's got a ways to go to reach
the bars and pegs.
Spearfish Canyon
Spearfish Falls
Devil's Tower
The kids loved climbing the boulder field.
Getting the Jr. Ranger Badge at Devil's Tower
Wyoming countryside
Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone was just as bad as Custer with Buffalo traffic jams.
Lower Yellowstone Falls
Emerald Spring
Dragon Mouth Spring
Tower Falls
Petrified Tree
Wraith Falls Mammoth Hot Springs
A bear cave with bones at the mouth of it.
Hillbilly RV'ing
(They had the RV on a flatbed with all the coolers tied down underneath the RV).
We stayed at Absaroka Mountain Lodge... was wonderful...
.The proprietors were nice enough to let the kids ride Blackie.
Fishing Bridge
(No fishing allowed)
Old Faithful Geyser

Becoming Jr. Rangers at Yellowstone NP. This ranger introduced them to the everyone in the visitor center.
Grand Teton National Park
Jackson Hole Our little scar face....just call him Al.
Our first Rodeo
All the kids were invited to down to chase 3 calf's and try to get a ribbon that is tied to the calf's tail.
The deer hanging out next to our cabin.
We rented a boat to travel Jackson Lake...
...and ended up on a deserted island.
...and the kids got to play...
...and this was the view from where Mommy lay reading her book...
The deer were across the bay.
Oh no! Daddy let Jimmy drive the boat!
Daddy dumped us all out on another island and went to fish.
We all REALLY loved Jackson Lake The kids became Jr. Rangers at the Tetons.
The dot just above the water is a Moose.
Rocky Mountain NP
Jimmy has been fired as the family photographer.
They loved our creek-side condo.
Elk in the bank parking lot next to the drive-up lanes.
No hot tub, but the jacuzzi will do. Elk next to the condo.
Hiking rain or shine! Alluvial Fan
Snow in August
The kids were anxious to get to  Alberta Falls.... ...until Mr. Elk was blocking the trail.
Bear Lake
We learned about Big Horn Sheep at Sheep Lakes...but didn't actually see any. :(

They also became Jr. Rangers at Rocky Mountain NP
We played Indian and Pioneers.
St. Catherine's Chapel (aka The Chapel on the Rock) Looking at some property...
...with some beautiful views.
Our pet Rattler.
Back to reality...but we haven't gotten the cowboy out of him yet.
Our fish.
Papa and granddaughter singing "I Love This Bar"...yep a moment to cherish.
Rosie Cutie
Fun with Ros Learning to sew
Late night bowling anyone?
Haven't seen enough...there's more. Pat, Shannon and Jimmy's albums can be seen on Shutterfly by clicking here.
September 2006