~Jimmy's Milestones~
Milestones for the first 6 years.
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Birth to 1 Month Milestones

  • Can lift my head briefly when laid on my tummy.
  • Hold head steady when upright.
  • I coo at my mommy

1st Month Milestones

  • I can smile in response to someone smiling at me.
  • Recognize mommy and daddy's voice.
  • I turn my head follow an object in sight.
  • I'm starting to coo.

2nd Month Milestones

  • I smile at things I like.
  • I coo when spoken to.
  • I can stick my tongue out in response to someone else sticking their tongue out.

3rd Month Milestones

  • I laugh (especially at my silly Daddy).
  • I say ahh, ohh, I or Hi (when my parents are hearing what they want to hear).
  • I am starting to suck my thumb
  • I kick my legs one after the other to make the bouncy chair bounce.
  • I'm getting pretty good at holding and grabbing things - especially Mommy's hair.

4th Month Milestones

  • I'm very to get ticklish.
  • I can pick things up.
  • I love to laugh
  • I adore my sister

5th Month Milestones

  • I started eating cereal.
  • I drop things for people to pick up and give back to me.
  • I reach for things I want

6th Month Milestones

  • I flipped over on my tummy.
  • I started eating vegetables
  • I got my first real tooth on the bottom

7th Month Milestones

  • I sit up by myself
  • I mimic what other people do

8th Month Milestones

  • I crawl
  • I can feed myself
  • I do "So Big"

9th Month Milestones

  • I stand and walk when holding on to something
  • I clap

10th Month Milestones

  • I eat lots of big people food
  • I wave


11th Month Milestones

  • I know when someone says "No", they are usually speaking to me
  • I wave Bye-Bye and say Da-Da while waving


12th Month Milestones

  • I wave and say Bye-Bye
  • I stand on my own
  • I took my first steps


13th - 15th Month Milestones

  • I walk!

  • I say Nana
  • I can point and say "This" or "That"
  • I nod and shake my head, usually not at the appropriate times
  • I climb on EVERYTHING!
  • I dance all the time. I have changed my MO from bouncing to the beat to spinning in circles.

16th - 18th Month Milestones

  • I run.

  • I call Shannon "Sista"

  • I climb on everything


19th - 21st Month Milestones

  • I say "No!".

  • I dance
  • I sing (only one or two words from songs I know. I sing the words over and over and over)


22nd - 24th Month Milestones

  • The word "juice" represents all liquid.

  • He can identify body parts and shape when asked them.


25th - 27th Month Milestones

  • Stands at the Christmas lights on the window and sings Happy Birthday at each light, then blows it out and moves to the next light in the string.


28th - 30th Month Milestones

  • Jimmy moved to a big boy bed.

  • Jimmy is ALL boy. He climbs on EVERYTHING. The simple act of getting in bed requires climbing on 2 toys and then the driving car to climb over the footboard and into bed.

  • Jimmy finds comfort in playing with everyone's hair except his own. He loves to suck his thumb and play with his mommy or sister's hair, much to the dismay of his mother and sister.

  • Calls all liquid juice. Lake, rivers, rain...


31st - 33th Month Milestones

  • Jimmy speaks like he lives in Boston. He drops the constantans at the end of words. The phase "Big Car" becomes "Bi Ca". Jimmy was evaluated and started a state speech therapy program.

  • Has move to calling falling water rain...everything else is still juice except the bath which is a "baba."


34th - 36th Month Milestones

  • He sings (Jimmy words) to the tune of ABC

  • He calls all women "Honka"

  • Calls the house in WI "shishy house" and home "kitty kitty house"

  • Loves blonds. Tries to pick them up at every opportunity.  Asked a women who worked at a store we were at "When you go home?"

  • When learning to say "I Love You" mommy would say repeat after me. Mommy: I Jimmy: Me, Mommy: Love Jimmy: Lub, Mommy: You!  Jimmy: Mama!...worked for Mommy.


Third Year Milestones

  • Daddy is his "Hero"

  • Everything is "Owsome"

  • Jimmyism: Jimmy's version of This Little Pig Went to Market:   "This little piggy went to grocery, this little stayed home, this little piggy...what he do again?"
    Mommy: He had roast beef.
    "I no like roast beef, he had hot dog nummy, this little piggy, he no get nothin' and this little piggy went wee, wee, wee, wee all the way home."

  • Jimmyism: Jimmy "no like" a lot of things. he told his friend Payton of his little sister Skylar: "Payton, I no like your baby."

  • He still has trouble pronouncing many words but can sing  most of the Ramones catalog.

  • Instead of saying "I love you very much" Jim says "I love you all much".

  • Learned to write and type (which of course came first) his name

  • Is counting and recognizing numbers


Fourth Year Milestones

  • Can count to 20

  • Says the Pledge of Allegiance

  • Calls everyone "Buddy"

  • Jimmyism: "My heart keeps beeping!" (beating)

  • Has changed his name to "Lightning McQueen"

Fifth Year Milestones

  • Wrote his first letter to Mommy which read: "Jimmy Lova Omm"

  • He is learning the phonic sounds

Sixth Year Milestones

  • Jim is reading and does amazing at math. He is adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers.

  • He played baseball this year and has joined the Cub Scouts.