~Shannon's Milestones~
Milestones for the first 6 years.
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Birth to 1 Month Milestones

  • Can lift my head briefly when laid on my tummy.
  • Turn head to follow a sound.
  • Hold head steady when upright.

1st Month Milestones

  • I can smile in response to someone smiling at me.
  • Recognize mommy voice.
  • I turn my head follow an object in sight.
  • I'm starting to coo.

2nd Month Milestones

  • I smile at things I like.
  • I coo when spoken to.
  • I think its very funny that someone else has to change my dirty diaper.
  • I know the sounds of my mommy and daddy's voices.
  • I can stick my tongue out in response to someone else sticking their tongue out.
  • I am starting to suck my thumb and finger (when my fist doesn't get in the way).

3rd Month Milestones

  • I laugh (especially at my silly Daddy).
  • I say ahh, ohh, I or Hi (when my parents are hearing what they want to hear).
  • I push myself up when I'm on my tummy.
  • I kick my legs all around to dance when the music is on.
  • I'm getting pretty good at holding things.

4th Month Milestones

  • I know my name and turn my head when called.
  • I'm starting to get ticklish.
  • I can pick things up.
  • I've found my toes
  • I love to laugh (especially at Winston)
  • I play my own version of Patty-Cake

5th Month Milestones

  • I throw things (and when someone picks it up and gives it back to me I throw it again!)
  • I reach for things I want
  • My first two teeth came in
  • I mimic what other people do

6th Month Milestones

  • I roll over onto my stomach
  • I sit without help

7th Month Milestones

  • I stand when holding onto something
  • I give raspberries all the time
  • I say mama and dada
  • I talk all day long

8th Month Milestones

  • I can push up to my knees (but I don't crawl yet)
  • I can sit up from lying down
  • I can feed myself most foods

9th Month Milestones

  • I army crawl
  • I do "So Big"
  • I clap
  • I say "Hi" in the telephone
  • I figured out I don't like green beans

10th Month Milestones

  • I crawl
  • I pull myself up to a standing position
  • I can point to my nose when asked to
  • I blow kisses
  • I hug
  • I say "Bye-Bye"

11th Month Milestones

  • I walk around holding onto furniture
  • I sing and dance
  • I say "Kitty"
  • I eat lots of big people food

12th Month Milestones

  • I give kisses
  • I shake my head "Yes" when I want something
  • I laugh when I'm told "No"

13th - 15th Month Milestones

  • I walk!
  • I say Oooo and Wow
  • I can point and say "This"
  • I say "Tank Ou"
  • I ask "What's this?" and "What's that?"

16th - 18th Month Milestones

  • I'm running!
  • I can count to 5 along with Mommy
  • I dance (ALL THE TIME!)
  • I sing (and am a very good song writer)

 19th - 21st Month Milestones

  • I say short sentences
  • I count and have started to say my ABC's

 22nd - 24th Month Milestones

  • I sleep in a big girl bed.
  • I climb stairs, on chairs, I'm a regular monkey
  • I can convey what I want most of the time
  • I say "Scuze Me" when appropriate
  • What I'm saying: 
    • "Mommy, How you doin'?"
    • Oh Malone (marone)
    • You ask Shannon "What does the cat say?" She says "Meow", You ask "What does the duck say? She says "Quack", You ask what does Mommy say? She wags her finger and says "No, no, no"


25th - 27th Month Milestones

  • I speak in sentences
  • I can hold a conversation on pretty much anything
  • I repeat EVERYTHING
  • I can count to 8 by myself
  • I can get through the 1st half of my ABC's
  • I'm learning colors and shapes
  • I sing ALL the time
  • What I'm saying: 
    • "No, Never!"
    • "Read to me in my bedroom bed"
    • Jimmy was crying inconsolably downstairs even though Daddy was holding him and Shannon was screaming from her bedroom: "Will somebody please help baby Jimmy!"

28th - 30th Month Milestones

  • I describe things I remember
  • I sing, sing, sing
  • I am starting to sing the ABC song
  • I dance too!
  • What I'm saying:
    • She put her arm around Mommy and said
      ""Ya know Vic, sometimes, it's just to much"


31st - 33rd Month Milestones

  • I have a very vivid imagination and I like to make up stories
  • What I'm saying:
    • She insists on singing Jimmy Lullaby every night.
    • She counts to twelve and then makes up numbers like eleventeen.


34th - 36th Month Milestones

  • I go on the big girl potty (except at night)
  • What I'm saying:
    • Shannon knows if she doesn't play nice, she gets sent to her room. One day she hit Jimmy on the head and even though he didn't cry or express pain. The second I looked at her and said her name she said "Stop! Wait, let me get Eden before you send me to my room."
    • When you go to see the Dr. you have a "perpointment".

Third Year Milestones

  • Shannon loves to "prepend" (pretend)
  • She is learning the words to a lot of song from movies and the radio
  • Shannonism: During a conversation about boys and girls: "Ya know Mom, I've been a girl for a really long time. This is really working out for me. How about you?"
  • I tell everyone what their presents are before they open them.
  • I am learning to write my letters, numbers and my name.
  • I am very helpful around the house. I feed the fish, discipline the dog and my brother.
  • By Sept. 2003 Shannon can write 5 words: Shannon, Jimmy, Mommy, Cat & Cow


Fourth Year Milestones

  • Over Thanksgiving weekend while we were all at Linda's Shannon was caught at the bar ordering herself a drink...an orange juice.
  • We affectionately refer to Shannon as our "40-year-old midget": When Mickey Mouse & the Olympic swimmers came to Vicky's school (09/04) Shannon was in awe at the students' enthusiasm. She said "Mom, are all these kids here to see Mickey Mouse?", I told her no, probably just her and her brother, everyone else came to see Michael Phelps.  She says, "Who is this Michael Phelps anyway?" I remind her about the Olympics and pointed him out. That afternoon after she came home from school she said: "Well I went to school and told everyone about Mickey Mouse and Michael Phelps and can you believe these kids, nobody even knew who Michael Phelps was." Ya know, Shannon's so worldly.


Fifth Year Milestones

  • Shannon lost 2 baby teeth (and had a 3rd pulled)
  • Most sentences begin with "Actually Mommy,..."
  • She is learning the phonic sounds of the alphabet and is recognizing patterns in words she sees and hears.
  • Can hold her breath and go under water
  • A Jacuzzi is a "Cajuzzi"
  • Shannonism: When she wants us to get going she yells "Come on you chickens!"
  • Shannon is quite the budding artist with markers, play-doo, lego's and many other medium.


Sixth Year Milestones

  • Shannon is learning to read and doing an excellent job!
  • She can count all day long and is learning to add and subtract.
  • Shannon has developed a love of country music. While traveling out west this summer an error in uploading music to the MP3 player left us with only country music. Shannon came home knowing all the words to "I Love This Bar", "You Never Even Called Me by My Name", "Prop Me up Beside the Jukebox If I Die".
  • She started 1st grade and is becoming a great reader.