June 2000


  Happy Father's Day!
I helped my Grandma Allotta celebrate her birthday and my Daddy celebrate his first Father's day. I also helped Mommy and Daddy celebrate their wedding anniversary. I went to the Zoo for the first time and to the Field Museum. I have decided that sometimes I should feed myself. I went in the Lake for the first time and played in the live-well on my friend Jenna's boat.


Happy Birthday Grandma!  
  My first visit to the zoo
  As you can see, I really liked the elephants...
...once I woke up at least.  
Tastes good to me!  
  For once we're doing more than staring at each other.
Happy Father's Day! My new favorite toy that makes LOTS of noise!
My friend Audrey came to visit me! I'm getting pretty good at this.
  Everyone likes kissing me!
Jenna & I stepping up to the bar I make beautiful music!
Trying to catch my first fish Ahhhh, the lake!
  I liked playing in the water!
  Here fishy, fishy...
My Kitty!!! Most people are having a bad hair day when their hair stands up...mine is just the opposite.
My Mommy married the perfect man!
July 2000