July 2002

Happy 4th of July!

We have been so busy! We went to Papa & Nana's house for the 4th of July and for the "5th annual 4th of July Spaghetti Barbecue". Papa bought Jimmy and me a new car! A Jeep! It's lots of fun. We went on the boat a lot and saw the fireworks from the boat on the 4th. I got to see my friends Jenna and Josh. Jimmy went into the lake for the first time.

We went to Aunt Mary & Uncle Terry's block party and I had lots of fun playing with the kids. Then we helped Auntie Robin celebrate her Birthday. I made sure she had a special balloon, because it's not a party without a balloon.



Papa gave us a new car!!!
Come here Papa, let me show you something. Jimmy's first time in the lake!
Jenna and I didn't know what to play with first.
"How my look?"
Carrie always knows the best books to read Run was the name of this game...
...and this one.
You want to be wet Papa? I'll make you wet!
I don't know about this.
Bubbles for everyone!
First water, now grass...what is she doing to me?
Everyone got thrown in the pool at least once. I was Daddy's partner for the balloon toss.
I was a little nervous... ...but I did really good!
Josh and I had a great time swimming (and riding).
Jimmy had a great time too!
But it was a loooong day!!!
Jimmy is always interested in what everyone else is doing.
Daddy with the block party hat on.
Jimmy was making friends with everyone.
Happy Birthday Auntie Robin!
I made Daddy get wet!
Babies at the Lalley's
Was anyone looking? What are you doing now?
One of us is stinky! It's him!
I really don't want a bath!
Here, let me help you.
This is the life!
My turn now.
Ring around the rosy...
Whatever it was, it was funny
August 2002