October 2002

Happy 3rd Birthday Shannon!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We had lots of fun this month. It was Daddy's and Shannon's Birthdays!  We had a big party for Shannon's birthday and all our family and friend came to help us celebrate. Joe came over for our first sleep over and we got to play with Baby Allison. We got to go trick or treating for Halloween. We had a great time!


Our first sleepover!
By 11:00 our mothers' gave up and Joe went home.
Daddy is Brennan's godfather.
Getting ready for Halloween!
We also had the 1 year old sleepover this month.
But Allie went home too. My sister thinks she's so funny.
Auntie Jen and Uncle Jessie got MARRIED!!!
It was all too much for Joey.
Happy Birthday Daddy!
Happy Birthday Shannon!
Al made all these great balloons for my party!
How do I look?
If you don't mind?
What great pumpkins!
Happy Halloween!
Until I can reach the doorbell, this is never going to work.
November 2002