April 2003

Happy Spring! We went on vacation to Wisconsin Dells and went to a water slide park! We had a great time. Shannon had a bike-a-thon at her school. She rode her tricycle all the way around the block (with some help from Daddy...OK, a lot of help). We celebrated Easter with our family and the Easter Bunny came to visit. 


You will let me love you.
Jimmy's first vacation No pictures please!
It's the only thing to read in this room
Checking out my friend Sunshine's website.
Time to get ready for Easter
What exactly am I suppose to do with this?
The Easter Bunny came!!!
Nana and Papa brought me a Sit'N Spin
They brought Jimmy a lawn mower that needed work already. How does this work?
Another egg hunt!
Shannon had a bike parade at school
We had daycare at Mommy's work... ...there were lots of fun little people and big people to play with!
Even Dr. Lalley came to visit.
The Slumber Time Club
May 2003