July 2006

This month we helped celebrate a special Anniversary for our town. We went on lots of adventures to the parks with our friends and did new things like the Demolition Derby!!!


Relaxing on the 4th.
Getting ready for the town's parade!
  Congratulations from the Town Board
...ha ha  :)
The up side to having a house on the parade route of a small town parade is the kids get ALL the candy thrown!!!
Swimming classes at Mommy's work
  Fun in the park...
...with Sunshine (Milo came too!) ...and Cati...
...and Allie
...and Katie...
...Oh, and Uncle Jeff too!!!
Shannon and Allie being brave!
Demolition Derby at the Ag Fair!!!
Not all cars leave of their own accord.
They really didn't have a good time.
It's not a Demolition Derby without
the Fire Dept.
It's not easy being green. :(
She actually thinks she's going to flip her father.
Ya never know...they may actually use this skill!
Jimmy was so happy to see his buddy Josh!
Happy Birthday Allie!!!
August 2006