Cherokee ancient mountain god; protector of wanderers.

CK goes out for a walk...
Adventures on the Appalachian Trail

November 6 CK crosses into Georgia from North Carolina.
Charlie complete the Appalachian Trail November 12, 2004.

The Georgia portion of the trail is 75 miles. The Trail goes through the rugged Chattahoochee National Forest before reaching its southern terminus at Springer Mountain. Many hikers are surprised to find that one needs to first hike eight miles from Amicalola Falls in order to reach the beginning of the Trail's southern end.


Nov. 6, 2004 - Charlie in tree at the unofficial border with Georgia...only 75 more miles to Sprinter Mtn. CK & Chris atop Trey Mtn. in Gerogia
Good Morning Chris and FreeSpirit
Neels Gap Hostel: PW, a section hiker, FreeSpirit, Homefry, Smokey and Charlie
Looking towards Atlanta from the top of Blood Mtn. Charlie pointing towards Springer Mtn. on the horizon.
Beer and hotdogs around the campfire on Cedar Mtn.
Sweetfish sporting a Halloween costume he wore on the trail.
Long Creek Falls
November 12, 2004 - Getting ready to hike that last mile to the summit of Springer Mt. Charlie, Otto, Maggie, Frank, Jeanne, Walt Kathy & Tapeworm At the Sprinter Summit trailhead: Seamster, CK, Tapeworm, I-Ching & Chris
Charlie at the Summit
Frank, Charlie & Jeanne Maggie, Charlie & Walt
Free Spirit The boy can eat 7 desserts & ice cream
Party in Ellijay, GA
Thru hikers: Balow, PW, Windsock, MusicMan, Sweetfish, Sherpa, FreeSpirit, Tapeworm & Tuna
(kneeling) Smokey, I-Ching, Chris
Generous hosts and dear friends
A Fond Farewell.

Tuna, Balow, MusicMan, Seamster, PW, Tapeworm, Sherpa, Windsock, Smokey & FreeSpirit
(sitting) FourWinds, I-Ching & Sweetfish

 CK goes out for a walk...then heads home!