Cherokee ancient mountain god; protector of wanderers.

CK goes out for a walk...
Adventures on the Appalachian Trail
Charlie's adventure began Wednesday, May 26 as he and Mary Ann set off for Maine. May 30 Charlie (trail name "Tuna" ~ Sorry, Charlie) and his hiking partner Mack Spainhour (trail name "Macchaeus") set off up Mt. Katahdin which is where the AT begins. On May 31 the gentlemen said goodbye to their loved ones and set off. Mary Ann and her sister Barbara met Charlie and Mack June 4 to bring a food supply.

Mack is keeping a trail journal which can be read at

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The Maine portion of the trail is 281 miles. The northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail is Katahdin, 5,267 ft. high, in Baxter State Park in central Maine. The Trail continues southwest to Monson, eventually crossing the Kennebec River, at about the Maine halfway point. Many mountains later, and after passing through the famed Mahoosuc and Grafton notches, the Trail enters New Hampshire.

*Note 06/29/04 - Mary Ann called and said Mack had to return home with a knee injury. Charlie is continuing by himself. He is almost out of Maine.

Updated Aug 24: Pictures with the yellow date stamp furnished by Mack. Additional pictures from CK from May 31 - June 30 in Maine.


Beginning the Appalachian Trail, Maine pictures, group 1. Received June 26, 2004, Posted June 29, 2004 



 May 30: Mt. Katahdin and the beginning of the AT. 


May 31: And their off...

June 4: Food pickup


Hard Brook Lean To

Rainbow Lake

Shot towards Katahdin looking across Lake Penadumcook

Typical log catwalk

View to Katahdin
Mack & Chris crossing stream
Pierce Pond-Stream Falls Sunset over West Carry Pond. Very quite, no people...only the sounds of the Loons in the night.
Avery Mt. from top of Little Bigelow Mt. CK will climb it June 18
Summit of Saddleback Mt.

June 30 - Sign showing border of Main & New Hampshire ... YEAH!
 New Hampshire