Cherokee ancient mountain god; protector of wanderers.

CK goes out for a walk...
Adventures on the Appalachian Trail

August 18 CK crosses into Pennsylvania from New Jersey. 

The Pennsylvania portion of the trail is 232 miles. The Trail enters the state at the Delaware Water Gap, following the eastern rim of the Alleghanies before crossing the Cumberland Valley on its way to Maryland. The Trail in Pennsylvania has the reputation for being just a wee bit rocky.


CK at sign for Joint Delaware Bridge Authority in PA Water hyacinths blooming in a pond just off the trail
Vista in PA looking at the Delaware river bridge Vista in PA looking at the Delaware Water Gap
Barren area at end of Lehigh Gap..."Looked like a moonscape..."
Aug. 20 - Evening with friends Frank and Shirley in Lehigh Gap Chris going along the Knife Edge Ridge
CK with high school friends Charlie Mackenzie & Bill Koozan in Allentown, PA.
Charlie took a day off to celebrate the marriage of Lisa and Nick on August 28th.
Deaf & Chris
View of Duncannon and the Sasquchamma River Climbing over an electric fence
Charlie by Boiling Springs sign Enjoying ice cream after a long hike!
August 31 - Happy Birthday Charlie!
Charlie celebrates at the half way marker!
Tinkerbell taking a break after eating 1/2 of her 1/2 gallon of ice cream Deaf balance finishing the last of his 1/2 gallon.
Interesting rock formation along Rocky Mountain Ridge.